Argentinean’s hearts are filled with pride for their Criollo horse.  Dr. Emilio Solanet from Ayacucho, south of Buenos Aires, created the breed standard in the 1930’s.  Hardy and strong with excellent feet and a low metabolism they are perfect for life on an Argentinian estancia.  They are able to withstand great variations in temperature and harsh living conditions, doing well in both hot and cold climates.

Criollo horses are an excellent match for riders at all skill levels.  With their docile, willing and sensible nature they take great care of their human companions.  Almost all of our horses at Estancia Don Joaquin are Criollo or Criollo mix horses and are well trained and very responsive.  Whether it is your first time to ever sit on a horse or if you have been horseback riding for years we have suitable horses for everyone.