Horse Riding in Argentina is fantastic and here in the vast countryside of the Corrientes region you can fill your days exploring the diversity of the area on horseback.  Part of the greater Ibera wetlands, the second largest wetland in the world, this area is known for its biodiversity including over 200 species of birds.

At Estancia Don Joaquin we have horses suitable for everyone and we welcome you to ride regardless of your age, horse riding experience or skill level.  Our horses are of the Criollo and Criollo mix breed.  They are very well trained and responsive ensuring an enjoyable and safe ride.  Accustomed to being ridden by the gauchos doing their ranch work our horses are healthy, strong, athletic and agile.  We have around 70 horses which allows us to rotate our horses so none are overworked and they all have plenty of time to live naturally in the herd and graze in the plains.  We use recado saddles and montura correntina saddles, both of which provide exceptional comfort.  During your stay with us you will be able to ride twice daily and you will be accompanied by our gauchos.  With the exception of the Horse Trek program, all horseback riding is included in our rates with no additional charge.

For the more dedicated equestrian explorers with intermediate or advanced riding skills we also offer a 7 day horse riding trek.  Please refer to our Horse Trek page.

The Grasslands Horse Ride

Enjoy the peacefulness of this ride which will take you through the plains of the estancia.  Meander through the vast and beautiful grasslands where the horses and cattle graze.  (2 hours)

The Argentine Gaucho Horse Ride

The gaucho heritage is the archetype of the native argentine culture.  During this ride you will accompany the gauchos to watch and, if you would like, participate in their work.  Perhaps you will be helping to drive the cattle to the corral or ride out into the fields spotting newborn calves who need to be tagged.  (4 hours)

Scrubland Horse Ride

In the natural Correntinean scrubland we will weave our way through the numerous tree and bush species that live here.  Surrounded by lagoons the scrubland is more densely filled with vegetation.  Many of the scrublands in the area are cut and burned for cultivating but we have chosen to preserve our scrublands, leaving them wild and untouched. (4 hours)

The Argentine Wetlands Horse Ride

This ride will take you through immense lagoons where it’s possible to spot nutria, tortoises, caiman alligators, and dozens of species of birds.  We will stop for an asado in the open country and return to the estancia at dusk.  (4 hours)

The Islands Horse Ride

Where the Corrientes and Parana rivers meet is a special place.  We will ride out to the islands that make up the delta of the Corrientes river.  Centuries ago these islands were inhabited by aboriginal cultures fond of fishing and hunting who left behind ceramics that can usually be found.  The flora and fauna here is exceptional.  We finish this ride for a sundowner at Don Joaquin River Lodge to enjoy a spectacular sunset, drinks and dinner. (3 hours)

La Nochera Horse Ride

On nights when the moon can light our way we will ride out into the fields and enjoy the sounds of the night dwellers along with the wide Correntinean sky.  (2 hours)

The Capybara Horse Ride

Capybaras are native South American mammals.  Generally living in groups of 10 – 20 these semiaquatic animals can be spotted on the edges of and swimming in the lagoons.  If you listen carefully you may be able to hear them barking.  (6 hours)

The Birders Paradise Ride

On this ride you will feel as if you are riding through a bird sanctuary.  With a mixture of thriving wetlands and scrublands it is home to countless species of birds.  (4 hours)

Sample Itinerary for Your Stay at the Estancia

Horse Riding Argentina:

Join us for a full 10 day itinerary or pick and choose to customize your own holiday.

Day 1: Transfer to Estancia Don Joaquin from Esquina bus station.  Breakfast.  Grasslands Horse Ride. Lunch. Siesta. Afternoon nature walk. Wine and Cheese Tasting. Dinner.

Day 2: Breakfast. Marshlands Horse Ride. Lunch. Siesta. Islands Horse Ride. Tea. Dinner.

Day 3: Breakfast. The Argentine Wetlands Ride. Lunch. Siesta. Cooking lesson or Fly Fishing*. Tea. Dinner.

Day 4: Breakfast. The Argentine Gaucho Ride. Lunch. Siesta. Dinner. La Nochera Ride.

Day 5: Breakfast. Nature Safari on horseback. Lunch. Siesta. Free afternoon to swim in the pool, read a book, have a massage*, take a polo lesson*. Tea. Dinner.

Day 6: Breakfast. The Scrublands Ride. Lunch. Siesta. A visit to Esquina. Tea. Dinner.

Day 7: Breakfast. The Birders Paradise Ride. Lunch. Siesta. Practice Gaucho skills (Laso and Sortija). Tea. Dinner.

Day 8: Breakfast. The Capybara Ride. In the middle of this ride we will have an asado lunch in the fields. Tea. Dinner.

*Day 9: Breakfast. Visit Estancia La Teresita by 4×4. From La Teresita ride to the Corrientes river for an asado lunch. Return to La Teresita on horseback. Tea.  Return to Estancia Don Joaquin for dinner.

Day 10: Breakfast. Horse ride of your choice. Lunch. Siesta. Horse ride to the Corrientes River and Don Joaquin River Lodge to enjoy drinks, dinner and a beautiful sunset. Transfer to Esquina bus station.

* There is an additional charge for the excursion to La Teresita, massage, polo lesson, fly fishing.